A healthy heart

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, February 2, 2016

In my early 20s and 30s, no amount of food intake or lack of exercise led to an increase in weight gain.
When a person’s metabolism works that efficiently, they don’t think so much about their long-term health.
Recently, that’s not the case; any food consumed is now finding a permanent home in the abdominal region, it’s becoming harder to take two steps at a time while traversing a flight of stairs, and careful consideration is made between ordering something deep fried, or something with more greenery. Honestly, deep fried dishes typically win out.
Consideration is also seriously being given to joining a gym, though that idea is consistently being put on the back burner.
With all this in mind, covering stories about heart health lend to even more consideration being given to making serious lifestyle changes.
According to information provided at the most recent grant presentation to Manna Ministries, heart disease is the most common cause of death for Mississippians.
To think, such a preventable cause of death is still so prevalent. It’s similar to knowing the oil in a vehicle needs to be changed within a certain timeframe or after so many thousand miles, but failing to do so. Eventually the engine will give out.
And that is what the heart could be viewed as, the engine of all living things. Just like how people should put forth the effort to care for their vehicle, home or any other material possession, even more effort should be lodged toward caring for one’s health.
You see, a new engine can be installed in a vehicle, or in a worst-case scenario, a new vehicle can be purchased.
But while medical technology is able to provide another “heart”, that’s still a temporary fix.
The best course of action is to protect what nature gave you in the first place.
The challenge for me will be to practice what I’ve just preached.

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