What’s the real issue here?

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Over the weekend a wife and mother lost two people very dear to her.
By now, the entire nation is aware a shoot out took place at a little gun store in the middle of Henleyfield, Mississippi.
As a result, the owner and his son are dead, and another father and son are in the hospital.
Social media posts trying to sort out the details of the incident are rampant, and mixed in with the speculation of what everyone thinks, or heard, will soon be the debate on gun control, if that debate has not already begun.
While many Mississippians will probably avoid any talk of gun control, nationwide I expect national organizations might use this incident to further their message that guns are killing people.
Do they really think taking away people’s right to bear arms is going to stop these incidents from occurring?
Passing a law forbidding someone from owning a gun is not going to stop people from finding one.
But I digress.
What should be the focus of this event is not that a shoot out took place at a gun store. It’s not who was right or wrong. And it’s not whether we should have guns in the first place.
The point is that someone was irresponsible with his right to own and possess a weapon, of any sort. They failed to consider how precious human life is, and instead decided to use the power of a weapon in an argument over what equates to pocket change.
We may never know what action brought this incident to its climax, but what is known is had those responsible for the situation escalating had the restraint to settle the disagreement with civil conversation, instead of force, a family would be whole tonight.

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