Teachers who are a cut above

Published 7:00 am Saturday, January 30, 2016

Teaching is a dedicated career choice.

At some point in every person’s schooling, a student has had the privilege of being part of a classroom where the teacher made a positive influence on the adult that student became.

There are a few teachers I remember fondly.

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They stand out in my memory because their devotion and professionalism have influenced my life to this day.

While I never had the privilege of attending her class, there is one such teacher at Picayune Memorial High school that’s going above and beyond, Allison Wheat.

Children whose families may not have enough money to buy hygiene supplies, uniforms, or even food have discovered first hand Wheat’s dedication to her students.

Through community donations she’s provided them with the essentials to make school life just a little more bearable.

Her assistance doesn’t stop with clothes; she’s said she has provided financial assistance to students who could not afford to attend special classes that provide college credit while still in high school.

When one student couldn’t afford to attend her Homecoming dance, Wheat bought the ticket.

If she found out a family didn’t have the money to buy a holiday meal, she showed up at their door, food in hand.

To ensure her students are not sitting in her class hungry, she regularly has snacks.

Teachers like Wheat are probably more common than we know, especially in a close knit area like Pearl River County.

If you know of a teacher like Wheat be sure to thank them for their efforts in some small way, even if it’s just a simple gesture.

If you are a teacher who goes above and beyond for your students, don’t ever change.

You may well be the only reason a disadvantaged student seeks a college degree, and goes on to make a positive change to the world.