Check health before digging in

Published 7:00 am Saturday, December 5, 2015

The holiday season is often associated with Christmas carols, family gatherings and food…lots of it. While Christmas is only three weeks away, it’s not too late to get into a daily diet and exercise regimen while still enjoying the winter season and the goodness of all the holiday treats that come with it.

Yes, it may be difficult to stay away from the goodness of ham, potatoes and apple pie when they’re sitting on the dining room table during a family gathering.

But getting on a diet regimen doesn’t mean we have to say “no” to another slice of juicy ham or pecan pie.

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It’s all about portion control.

As long as we don’t overstuff our plates and go back for thirds, we can still enjoy a hearty meal.

If we check our weight before and after the many holiday dinners this season, we can prevent gaining extra holiday weight and decrease our chances of developing medical issues down the road.

According to a study by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, overweight people gained almost five times as much weight as the general population between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Not only does obesity cause medical problems such as stroke, diabetes, kidney and heart disease, it also increases a person’s risk of developing cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, there is a strong link between obesity and cancers such as breast, kidney and pancreatic cancer.

While maintaining a healthy weight won’t guarantee we won’t develop any medical issues, it could lower our chances.

The holiday season is a time to enjoy with family and good food, but we shouldn’t neglect our health.