Concerts are better when they’re local

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I am a fan of anything that takes a certain level of talent to create.
This fact has been a boon and hindrance to my weekend activities at times.
Let me clarify. Recently some friends and I went to a “concert.”
We arrived on time to see the opening “act” “perform.” Normally when I’m at a concert, I’m watching a talented vocalist sing, exceptional guitarists perform or some other feat of musical ability that only years of practice could produce.
For this show there was simply a guy on the stage playing previously recorded tracks from his laptop, sans any vocals, pre recorded or otherwise.
Needless to say, I was unimpressed.
To me, music is the embodiment of creativity, musicianship and most of all, talent.
I’m sure by now many of you are picturing me donning a monocle, top hat and smoking jacket.
For the most part I have to attend concerts miles away from my home. But that won’t be the case next weekend; Picayune Main Street will be holding their 8th annual Blues and Heritage Festival.
I support this event 100 percent. Why you ask? It will feature a number of talented bands playing in a local venue.
To me, music is something to be admired and appreciated.
No matter what genre you prefer, you owe it to yourself to see a live performance.
Even if you don’t typically listen to a certain type of music, going to any live show is still a great way to pass a Friday or Saturday evening.
This event will also compile a second love of mine, anything on four wheels, especially classic in nature.
The Boulevard Cruisers will be in attendance, but this time there will be a special twist, a good old fashion burnout.
The best aspect of the upcoming Blues and Heritage Festival is it is taking place right along Canal Street. So find a babysitter, strap on your best dancing attire and head on over to Picayune’s downtown for a good time on Oct. 24.

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