Show your school spirit during homecoming

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, September 30, 2015

If you don’t normally go to a Friday night football game, you should go this week.

It is homecoming season once again.

Last week, Pearl River Central had their homecoming and this week, Poplarville and Picayune will hold their homecoming celebrations prior to the big games.

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Homecoming has historically been a time when alumni come together again, with current students, and celebrate their respective schools from the sidelines of a football field and we hope that erstwhile fans and students will come together and pack the stands.

Games are more fun with more people watching, but beyond that, there is so much talent on display that it is worth one evening of your time to see our players, hear our band and watch our cheerleaders work. And of course, during homecoming, there will also be the crowning of the queen.

But beyond school spirit, small town high school football is still one of the few things that is a must-see live event.

The smell of grilling meat, the tweet of the whistle and the crack of helmets can’t really be appreciated through even the best reporting and besides, there is something to be gained from sharing this weekly experience with your friends and neighbors.

What makes a community great isn’t the wins and losses of a sports team, but the ability of the community to come together and enjoy something together.

There is hardly a better excuse to get out of the house and share an experience than homecoming night.

This Friday, the high temperature is expected to be around 80 and the low is predicted to be in the mid-50s, so grab a sweater and the family (or some friends) and head on out to the football field.

We’ll be there, and as always, we wish every team the best of luck.

See you on the sidelines.