Make every car trip a safe one for children

Published 7:00 am Saturday, September 19, 2015

Every parent wants the best for their children. Before a newborn is brought into this world, mothers and fathers spend hours reading books for expecting parents in preparation for parenthood and then they spend infinite hours after the birth trying to figure out how to keep their infants safe from the dangers of the world. A parent’s job never ends. On a daily basis, they must ensure their children are safe at all times, especially inside motor vehicles.

This week is National Child Passenger Safety Week, which promotes children’s car safety.

The week began on Sept. 13 and wraps up today, with promotional educational events occurring across the country that will teach parents about proper car safety.

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According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, 37 children younger than 14 were killed as passengers in Mississippi in 2013. In 2014, 90 percent of children were restrained improperly inside vehicles.

Parents should educate themselves on which car seat is suitable for their child before it’s too late.

Car-related deaths and injuries can be prevented through the proper use of car seats, boosters and seat belts.

In order for children to be safe during a short or long car ride, they must be seated inside an age-appropriate seat. According to the MSDH, toddlers and infants should be seated inside a rear-facing car seat until 2-years-old; preschoolers should be seated in convertible seats and forward-facing seats with harnesses; and school-aged children between 8 and 12 must be seated in booster seats until they’re old enough to wear seatbelts.

Children are small and precious so they need to be restrained properly in the event of a car accident.

Life can change in the blink of an eye but as long as everyone inside the vehicle is restrained properly, the chance for serious injuries is small. Parents want what’s best for their children and car safety should be a high priority on their list. For more information about children’s car safety, visit