Don’t vandalize, respect public property

Published 7:00 am Saturday, September 5, 2015

The new splash pad in Poplarville was developed in order to provide a fun place for families across the city to cool off during the summer months that’s only minutes away from home. However, vandalism is threatening the new entertainment spot, which was meant to be a positive addition to the community.

Earlier this week, Poplarville’s Board of Aldermen discussed the act of vandalism that occurred the week prior on the splash pad’s control panel. While it didn’t result in permanent or costly damages, the city is taking preventative measures to dissuade another incident. The city plans to install a fence around the control panel to protect the area from further vandalism.

It’s upsetting to see that some people in the community would try to destroy the splash pad; an area meant to bring the community closer together.

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The splash pad should be safeguarded instead of destroyed, especially considering it was unveiled only weeks ago.

Poplarville began considering the idea for a community splash pad last year. Since then, numerous community members have dedicated their time and money to make the dream a reality.

While there’s nothing we can do to prevent vandalism, some people need to find it within themselves to avoid destroying public property, which is meant to add to the quality of life in a city. We need to respect our city and our fellow neighbors instead of vandalizing things many people in the community have worked hard to create.

Dozens of families enjoy the splash pad on a daily basis. The fun attraction, which brings a positive energy to Poplarville, should be respected by all.

We all live in the same community and need to work together to ensure our cities in this county continue to grow and prosper in spite of vandalism.