Taking initiative

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Late last week I made a visit to the Crosby Arboretum, where I saw two young men volunteering their time.
As I watched them pressure wash decks and help with other maintenance duties, I thought about how important it is for young people to develop a sense of pride and ownership in their community.
Many adults don’t put aside time to help out in their town or community. They might be too busy with work and family or maybe they have a hobby that takes precedence. So, when a young person takes that initiative to help it really means something.
Not only does it speak to their character, but it is also seen as an indication of the kind of adult they will become.
Evidence of that can be seen in the adults who grew up with that mentality and are now volunteering in and around Pearl River County as we speak.
So, why is it important to volunteer your time?
First of all, when people volunteer, it frees up valuable resources that can be used in other areas. Take for instance the two young men at the arboretum. Since they were helping with some of the grounds maintenance, the arboretum’s staff was able to tackle other tasks.
Secondly, when young people devote their time to helping, they are less apt to be out doing other things that could potentially lead to trouble.
But it’s not just young people. Pearl River County has so many great organizations doing great things. Clubs like Rotary, Exchange, Kiwanis, Lions and all of the others meet to share ideas, plan events and raise funds all with the goal of helping those who need it most.
So, if you are a civic-minded person, or have considered helping those less fortunate, consider some volunteer work. While joining a civic club will ensure your best efforts find a task, there is always the option of carving your own path. Who knows? Your work might just be the start of something new.

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