Development of the football field

Published 7:00 am Saturday, July 18, 2015

Installation of a synthetic turf at the Picayune Memorial High School football field has begun.

Previously some of the turf from the field was moved across the street to Crosby Commons as a way to help patch some of the dead spots at the city’s newest green space.

That sod was removed in preparation for a $654,000 project to install a synthetic turf. There may be community members who feel such an investment could be used to provide a better education. Keep in mind, most, if not all, of those funds will come in the form of local donations or in kind services.

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However, while the education factor is a valid concern,

the football field really was in need of renovation. Just about every football game I covered involved dodging puddles on the sidelines, and the playing surface also left much to be desired. Having a pristine field to host home games makes our city look good to visitors.

But, the real issue here is that at times it may appear as though academics takes a back seat to athletics.

But if you look at the full picture you might see a different reality.

Picayune and Pearl River Central both participate in the annual FIRST robotics competitions, a program that allows students with some basic knowledge or interest in electronics, engineering and math to get some hands on experience. For younger students with the same interests, there are robotics competitions geared toward their level.

All three schools also provide their students with alternative education pathways through Career and Technology courses because they know everyone has different interests and career goals.

The point is not every student is interested in sports. And while sports are definitely a good time and help keep students focused on positive aspects of life, let’s not forget that diversity will ensure that every student has an activity or career path that will help them achieve in their own unique way.