Reducing smog emissions in Mississippi

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Typically when you hear the word “smog”, you think of areas with heavy traffic, such as major municipalities in California.
But with legislation proposed by the U.S. Senate, states as rural as Mississippi could be affected negatively by new standards issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, according to statements sent out by Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker.
Not because of a decrease in traffic, but due to the possibility that the new regulations will force all of the state’s coal powered electricity plants to close.
Increases in electricity bills has been on the forefront of many discussions for a variety of reasons, mostly because no one wants to pay more to keep their lights on.
However, there’s an opt out clause in the proposed legislation state leaders could use to avoid implementation if they feel the regulations set forth by the EPA would hinder the state’s economic growth.
Economic development has been a buzzword throughout the state recently, especially in Pearl River County where there is so much opportunity to grow.
At the same time an alternative to fossil fuels such as coal will need to be found in the near future.
While coal is an affordable and established method to power our world, eventually the reserves will run out.
A major hurdle is the cost associated with the development and implementation of current renewable energy technology.
Far too many solar panels or wind turbines in their current forms would be needed to reach the output level of fossil fuels.
However, as with all technology, milestones are achieved in leaps and bounds so I foresee a not so distant future where the use of green sources of energy will not only be the cleanest way to power our world, but the cheapest as well.

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