Keep pets safe this summer

Published 7:00 am Saturday, June 20, 2015

With the rise in temperature, the summer months can be dangerous for pets and people. However, pets rely on their owners to keep them safe, especially from the hot weather. Since pets are part of the family they should be treated as such. There are precautions pet owners can take to ensure their pets stay cool.

The Human Society of the United States’ website offers several tips to help pets avoid heat stroke. Firstly, pets shouldn’t be left inside a parked car even for a minute. A vehicle’s interior can reach extreme temperatures quickly making it dangerous for pets. Pet owners should leave their pets at home unless they can bring them inside their destination. Secondly, owners should limit their pets’ outdoor exercise. The best time to walk pets or allow them to exercise outside would be in the early morning or evening. Thirdly, pets need to stay hydrated. Dehydration is very dangerous so every measure should be taken to ensure pets drink enough water and take ample breaks underneath a cool area such as a tree. Fourthly, extremely hot temperatures can increase the risk for heat stroke in pets. Pets at risk for heat stroke include those who are overweight, young or very old, and unaccustomed to extreme exercise. Lastly, humidity can sometimes be more dangerous than hot temperatures. Pet owners in Mississippi must take the necessary precautions to ensure pets aren’t affected negatively by the humid weather. If humidity levels are too high, pets might not be able to cool themselves properly. If pets are outdoors during humid weather, owners should monitor their temperature regularly.

Pet owners are encouraged to follow these guidelines in order to keep their pets safe this summer.

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While every pet owner wants their furry companions to enjoy the great outdoors, it’s essential they understand their pets’ needs.

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