Dinosaurs capture the imagination

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Creatures that lived millions of years ago, but are now extinct, grab the imagination of children and adults like nothing else in the world.
The 1993 hit Jurassic Park was the first time I saw what dinosaurs could potentially look like in a living state. Sure, it was on a movie screen, but the computer generated special effects have aged well since the film’s release.
Even though I know there’s been more than 100 movies that attempted to bring dinosaurs to life since the invention of film, in my opinion many of them fell short either due to substandard technology of the time, or a small budget. Do you remember the stop action dinosaurs in “The Land that Time Forgot”? Even as a child I was not impressed with the movie’s special effects; granted I saw the movie at least 10 years after its release.
Over the past weekend a new dinosaur movie broke worldwide records. According to the LA Times, “Jurassic World” grossed $208 million in America during its debut. When ticket sales from the rest of the world are added in, the total was $524 million.
So, the question is, does the newest edition to the “Jurassic Park” series live up to the hype?
In my honest opinion, it does.
Without giving away key plot points, I hold this newest addition in the series to the level of excitement and entertainment value as the first.
I am a fan of all three previous movies, but as with most movie franchises the sequels don’t really hold up to the original. Jurassic World is one of those rare gems that provides all the thrills of the first movie, and adds an epic fight between some of the biggest and most ferocious dinosaurs that ever existed and never existed. I say never existed because several animals in this movie are, for the lack of better words, crossbreeds of several dinosaurs.
So, if you liked any of the previous movies in the series, the newest addition is a must see.

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