Let’s keep our county beautiful

Published 8:00 am Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Saturday, the Friends of Boley, along with 41 volunteers, took to their canoes and gathered more than a ton of garbage from the West Hobolochitto Creek from Long Bridge on Beech Street to the Burnt Bridge boat launch. According to Item coverage, the largest item found by volunteers was a television set.

The amount of trash in this natural landmark is alarming. Many species of wildlife utilize this creek as well as fishermen, boaters and other outdoor enthusiasts. It’s important that these waterways be kept clean not only for the health of animals but for residents of Pearl River County that enjoy spending time in the area. One of the things that might deter future residents, businesses or tourists may be the unsightly mounds of garbage that either line roadways or make their way into the county’s waterways.

The Item has covered the cleanup efforts of the Pearl River Central NJROTC and other community groups who strive to keep our county clean.

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Last weekend, the city of Poplarville held a citywide cleanup in collaboration with the Keep America Beautiful campaign where volunteers collected more than 250 bags of trash in a few hours.

The answer to the litter problem is simple, be aware of where trash should be disposed. Find the nearest trash can or ashtray and research proper ways to dispose of electronics and other potentially hazardous waste7.

Keep a plastic bag in the vehicle to place unwanted wrappers and other trash and, when it is filled, throw it in the nearest dumpster or trash receptacle. Let’s keep Pearl River County beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Trash does not belong on our roadways, someone else’s yard or our bodies of water.

We salute the efforts of the Friends of Boley, the NJROTC, the city of Poplarville and the countless volunteers whose efforts have not gone unnoticed. More importantly, we salute the many others who choose to dispose of their trash properly on a daily basis.