Is reading retention the way?

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sometime after Thursday Mississippi educators will learn what the minimal score in the third grade summative assessment should be for a student in order to move to the next grade, but that bar should have been set with the establishment of the test.

Being able to read is undeniably essential to further an education, no matter what subject is being studied. Therefore it’s also essential that children are able to not only read, but comprehend the meaning behind the words. That is why the Mississippi Department of Education set forth the third grade summative assessment. In theory the system is sound; it aims to ensure that students can read and are able to retain what they have learned.

The problem with this new system is that educators throughout the state were tasked with supplying their students with a test without a passing grade being established.

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That passing grade is said to be decided Thursday, according to the Mississippi Department of Education’s website.

While it appears the system was set forth without all of the pieces being established, this is a small glitch that will mean nothing come Thursday when the passing grade is decided.

At that point educators will know where the bar is set, and will be better prepared to help students reach their literacy goals.

It’s commendable the department wants to ensure all students who move to the fourth grade are ready.

The problem comes when students deemed not ready are forced to spend another crucial year in third grade. But there is hope for this new system.

It allows for remedial teaching before the end of the school year, including tutoring, which some local districts have already committed to do.

In spite of the small glitch, we are sure the kinks will be ironed out and our children will move through the education system ready for the career of their dreams.