D-Day museum is a must-see

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, May 26, 2015

As you enjoyed Memorial Day yesterday I hope everyone took a second to remember the fallen men and women who served in the armed forces.

As you know, the day has been set aside to honor the men and women who paid the ultimate price, they died while serving our country.

For most of us, we will never truly know what it’s like to serve in the military.

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But for those curious individuals who may be interested in the history of at least one war you can find an enlightening time at the National World War II museum in New Orleans.

I’ve been to the museum a couple of times, and each time found it to be an eye opening experience.

The museum is full of interesting artifacts, displays and informational exhibits that portray the horrors that our nation’s men and women experienced during WWII.

The sheer amount of history held within the museum is astounding.

I’ve been lucky enough to interview a couple of veterans, some who served in World War II. Some of the stories covered how soldiers reached their destinations by riding in gliders. These contraptions provided no protection from gunfire and did not provide the guarantee of a safe landing. The D-Day museum has one of those gliders on display, and it provides an up close view of what the soldiers had to ride in.

After seeing this craft with your own eyes you will see it took a brave individual to get in one.

That is just one of the many exhibits available at the museum. So, if you haven’t had a chance to visit the museum yet, or even if it’s been awhile, set a side time one weekend. You’ll be glad you did.