Burglars share tips on prevention

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Burglaries occur every day and can involve a person’s vehicle or home. No matter the target, the goal of the perpetrator is to quickly take valuables that can be sold for cash or traded for drugs.

According to the Associated Press a two-part video called “From the Big House to Your House” was made by the Columbus Division of Police featuring three burglary convicts sharing their personal experiences.

Most of the tips centered on common sense, or information any police officer will be willing to share, such as keeping doors and windows locked, blinds drawn and valuables out of your vehicle.

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But some of the tips were based on real world experience. One man suggests announcing the fact your home has a working alarm system by forcing it to sound from time to time. Silent alarms are less effective because the burglar is typically gone by the time anyone has time to respond. Loud alarms work better because of the possibility of scaring away would be burglars.

If a burglary occurs while the home is occupied the men suggest making as much noise as possible, and to call law enforcement immediately. While the men didn’t share this tip, residents should keep in mind that Mississippi residents are protected by the Castle Doctrine, which allows for the use of deadly force if lives or personal safety are in danger. As for storing valuables, bank safety deposit boxes provide the best protection, but for items people would rather keep at home avoid the use of small lock boxes or safes. They can be easily taken to a private location where they can be accessed. The men suggest the use of wall safes for the home use.

The most common items taken from homes include electronics, jewelry, guns and valuable coins. Within cars, items of interest to burglars range from change to electronics.

The first part to the two-part video can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WIBn0b2DcE.