Another incentive to buy natural products

Published 7:00 am Saturday, May 9, 2015

Over the years, organic and natural foods have gained popularity in the United States, especially with the younger generation. In this day and age, many people are more health conscious and aware of the repercussions unnatural foods have on the human body.

However, it comes at a price. Natural and organic foods tend to be pricey and therefore out of reach for most consumers.

Recently, one upscale grocery store announced plans to make natural and organic foods affordable.

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According to USA Today, Whole Foods is planning to open a chain of lower-priced stores across the country. The new stores will cater to the younger generation who desires a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank.

While many grocery stores stock organic and natural products on their shelves, Whole Foods offers a full-range of choices from dairy products to fruits and vegetables.

This could be a smart business move for Whole Foods.

In a world where studies show the harmful effects of processed and chemically-enhanced foods, the grocery store’s announcement seems like a godsend for those who have always wanted to do their weekly shopping at the store but couldn’t afford it.

While some may disagree with the benefits of natural and organic foods, there are so many reasons to incorporate one or both options into one’s diet.

According to, more than 600 active chemicals are registered for agriculture use in the United States. Which basically means the non-organic products consumers eat could contain amounts of chemical pesticides.

Consumers should also opt for organic products because organic farming is better for the planet. The website reported that organic farming preserves the soil and utilizes crop rotation to keep the farmland healthy without the use of harmful chemicals.

In the end, choosing organic or natural products could lead to a healthier lifestyle.