Paying homage to April Fool’s Day

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Today is a day where you may read a few stories that may turn out to be a farce.

It’s April 1, 2015, and that means it’s April Fool’s Day.

While not a national holiday, some people may take advantage of today to play some simple, or maybe not so simple, tricks on those they know and love.

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While typically harmless in nature, some news agencies have even been known to play a prank or two on their audience.

You won’t find any pranks in our publication, but keep an eye out for stories, especially on the Internet and subsequently social media, that may seem a bit too good to be true, or just a little too wacky.

An example of such a prank is the 1957 farce broadcast by the BBC of the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest, where people could be seen picking noodles from plants. People thought it so real that the station received inquiries as to how to grow a spaghetti plant, according to

Their response; “Place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best.”

While the story garnered some controversy from critics, most people know that noodles are made from dough and couldn’t possibly grow directly from a plant.

Ultimately an April Fools joke is based off of tricking another person into believing a lie. With that in mind carefully consider if you should play a prank on a particular person, and how they would possibly react to it.

Not everyone has a sense of humor, but certainly there are people who are willing and able to laugh at a good prank.

So as you head out into the day, keep your mind open, and a sense of doubt when you hear of the harvesting of noodles.

Additionally, keep the pranks clean and avoid wasting valuable resources.

No one wants to be responsible for sending emergency personnel to a fake emergency, especially if a real emergency did arise.