Litter warfare will wage for years

Published 7:00 am Saturday, April 18, 2015

Trash. It’s a common sight along county roadways, and in my yard.

Every time I go out to mow my grass I am forced to pick up trash. Not my own trash mind you, it’s the trash from the backs of pickup trucks, litter discarded out windows and from the backs of trash trucks without a tarp.

Several stories have been written about the problem in this paper. But it seems sometimes the problem just keeps getting worse.

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One group has taken the reigns in an attempt to try to clean the creeks of our community, where all the trash eventually winds up.

In spite of their efforts, trash has recently been dumped at a location they have cleaned numerous times, the Burnt Bridge Road boat launch. After spending several years of community members stepping up to clean the Hobolochitto Creek of tires, refrigerators, old ice chests and bottles, someone has illegally deposited tires and scores of other trash at the boat launch.

Now that the rains have washed over our county for the past week, the creek has risen, and if more rain comes that water could very well carry that trash into the creek and subsequently into the Pearl River.

It’s sad to see such disregard for our county. What’s worse, the distance the culprit drove to dump the tires and trash at the boat launch could have been better used to head in the direction of the county barn where those tires could have been recycled and the county dump where the trash could have been properly disposed.

I hold out hope that one day our residents will take pride in their hometown or adopted home and put forth more effort into keeping our streets, creeks and county clean.