The weekly grind has ground me

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Destiny has become quite popular with hardcore gamers who don’t mind dumping hours of their lives into needlessly grinding for better gear.
While I’ve put my fair share of hours into the game, I don’t expect to reach the highest level.
That fact is due to one major factor, my free time is short.
Honestly, I’m able to invest about two to four hours a week into the game, which is not enough to get the most of what the game’s designers had in mind.
The game is designed to pull players back in each and every day with daily and weekly missions and special weekend only vendors.
As an adult, devoting time to daily and weekly missions is difficult.
While I’m complaining about the game, it’s an enjoyable experience, especially if you have friends who also play.
However, there are other kinks. The maps are few, so they are constantly recycled, even after picking up the downloadable content.
Additionally, not all of the game modes are appealing. You can either conduct a Patrol, which entails completing a series of mundane tasks, Strikes, which are manageable missions that can be completed in a short time, and then the monster of all game modes, Raids. Raids devour huge chunks of time. Our fireteam has yet to complete one, lending credence to their difficult nature. And let’s not forget about Crucible, which is the only mode where you compete against other real life players instead of NPCs.
Ultimately the game’s structure to entice you to come back on a daily basis is an absurd request of any adult gamer with full time responsibilities.
I have a good mind to boycott the game. Besides I have a stack dishes and clothes to wash and a yard to maintain.
On second thought, I should load up Destiny and see what today’s daily mission is. I need some new gear.

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