Lottery winnings sometimes more trouble than relief

Published 7:00 am Friday, January 16, 2015

Thursday Louisiana news agencies blew up with reports that a million dollar lottery ticket was sold in Pearl River, La., just miles from Pearl River County.

The reports state that no one pulled in either jackpot prize, but one lucky lottery player is a million dollars richer.  

No names have been released yet, but the reports do state the ticket was purchased in neighboring Pearl River.  

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Media reports don’t specifically state which store in Pearl River, La., sold the winning ticket, but whoever won will be quite excited when they confirm they are a great deal richer.

Many Pearl River County residents stop at the gas station nicknamed by local residents as “The Last Chance”, which is officially called the Riverside Travel Center, so it’s possible one of our local residents is the lucky one.

The winning Match Five numbers were 6-13-19-21-35.

Since no one won the major prize, it will go to about $194 million by Saturday.

Many people often fantasize about winning the lottery. 

But there are several tales out there that outline the potential pitfalls of winning it big. 

Big winners can fall prey to their own lack of budgeting, a plethora of family and fair weather friends looking for share of the pie, and there have been reports of winners being kidnapped and even murdered. 

With all this in mind, it might be better to keep your identity secret if you ever find your ticket is worth millions.  

Those who have a hard time keeping their expenses in check sometimes end up spending all of their winnings on items that could be hazardous to their health, such as drugs or fast cars. 

Another side to that coin is when people become rich, they tend to donate to worthy causes. 

The problem is that others hear of these donations, and come asking for one of their own, putting stress on the winner.

So as you read these stories of “lucky” lotto winners, keep in mind that money is not the end to all worries.