Select theaters will show The Interview

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It looks like censorship may not be forced upon the American people by a foreign county after all.

Last week Sony cancelled the release of their satire film entitled “The Interview”.

In the movie actors Seth Rogen and James Franco portray a team of journalists who receive permission to interview North Korea’s dictator. Upon discovering the team’s intention to interview Kim Jong-un, the CIA enlists them to assassinate the foreign leader.

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Shortly after the marketing campaign began for the movie, Sony suffered a number of hacks that led to the dissemination of private emails, illegal copies of movies and other sensitive information.

Threats were also lodged against the company that alleged that if the movie was not cancelled the hacks would get worse.

Last week Sony gave in, especially after the threats said that movie theaters screening the flick would be targeted for terrorist attacks.

Tuesday it was announced that select theaters in Georgia and Texas will still screen the movie, with approval from Sony.

The announcement was a blow to the terrorist’s threats, and means Sony has some fight still left in them. However, this change of heart also makes some of the public suspect whether this was all just a big marketing ploy to get the release of the movie on top of the public’s “must see” list.

The only way this movie would change the world is if it wasn’t released. The plot centers on two goof balls who are tasked with a major assassination. Both of these actors are known for primarily playing in movies that really shouldn’t be taken seriously.

With this change of heart our freedom to make silly movies, or even serious documentaries, has been secured for now.

We hope it sticks.