Seeing your doctor via application

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The future is almost here, well one aspect of it anyway.
Going to the doctor means one of two things, you are sick, or you want to avoid becoming sick.
If you are already sick that means you’re probably not looking forward to leaving the house. Not only are you possibly contagious, the illness has probably affected your mood.
But there’s hope on the horizon; an application that can be used by your smart phone or tablet will allow you to have a virtual visit by a real doctor. The app is being marketed and distributed by a large pharmacy chain, and could grow into a common place method of diagnosing and treating minor illnesses, such as the cold or flu.
While not effective in diagnosing some major illnesses, it could save people money. The problem is this service is initially going to be limited to markets in California and Michigan. But there is discussion of adding more markets in the future.
The cost for each consultation are said to be about $50. When you factor in the savings in gas and time that sounds like a bargain.
Decades ago doctors in rural areas make house calls to provide care. While the advent of modern offices packed with advanced technology has allowed people to receive better care and therefore enjoy longer healthier lives, the convenience of a home visit is undeniable.
The option of a virtual visit would not only save the time of waiting in a doctor’s office, it would also protect those who are waiting in the doctor’s office from exposure to an illness like the flu or cold.

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