Mysteries of Mars being uncovered

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I have an affinity for space, and our current exploration of it.
One of the most interesting aspects of our exploration concerns a planet in our solar system that’s a lot like our own, Mars.
In the past couple of decades global space agencies have made a number of significant discoveries, but one means our dream of living on another planet could actually come true, the presence of water.
The reason presence of water on the planet is so important revolves around the human race’s extensive need for it. Without the presence of a local source of water we would never last long on the surface.
It would be cost prohibitive to bring enough water from Earth to Mars to sustain the explorers. An existent source on the planet is the most viable option.
So far our observations of the plant have found evidence that water does exist, but in its solid state, ice.
Naturally ice can be turned into a liquid state with a bit of heat, so this source of water may be the answer.
As our countries develop new technology that could one day land a human on the surface of Mars, I always see variations of the movie Total Recall in my head.
I’ve always like the original movie. By today’s standards some of the special effects don’t hold up, I suppose that’s why they released a remake.
Without touching on the alien aspect of the movie, our discoveries have so far confirmed that water exists on the planet.
While most plans at press time revolve around sending people to the planet with no way to return to Earth. I hope that when we do get to that point, it will lead to the development of interplanetary travel and “vacations” like those featured in Total Recall, just with less of the negative side effects.

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