Internet service competition good for consumers

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, December 3, 2014

If you have Internet you know that there is little to no competition in this market.
For those who live in the rural areas of Pearl River County you have one or two options for Internet.
Since they are the only option, you have little choice in rates. If you live in a very rural area you may be limited to satellite, which is expensive and not as fast as what the other companies offer.
If you live in a municipal area, such as Picayune or Poplarville, you may be lucky enough to have two choices, the phone or cable company. This allows customers to choose which service best suits their needs and budget.
But a new provider is moving across the nation, Google Fiber.
What’s so interesting about this new service? It means more competition to the market.
Competition is the best thing for consumers. Without competition a company is able to set artificially high prices.
Even though Google is only adding their services to select markets, if it is successful then those services would surely spread.
Right now if you live in an area where Google Fiber is being installed, they are offering up to 5 megabits a second of download speed, for free. For clarification, they are asking for a $300 installation fee, which could be paid in monthly installments of $25 a month for one year.
Or if you would rather have a faster speed in your home you could opt for the 1 gigabyte, or 1,000 mbs, service for about what you would pay the other providers for their top services, which range from 45 to 60 mbs.
By having a choice in a service provider, consumers are given more bang for their buck, and the companies that provide those services will try harder to satisfy their clientele.

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