Group hacks Sony

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sony is now dealing with the release of hacked information.
A group called the Guardians of Peace have claimed ownership of hacks that have siphoned off emails, pay scales and other privileged information from the corporate giant.
All of this comes at a time when the studio is about to release a movie called “The Interview,” a comedy which focuses on a pair of men enlisted to assassinate the North Korean dictator.
The group is demanding that the movie be shelved, a move of censorship that should make any fan of Seth Rogen and James Franco cringe.
I’m a big fan of comedies. Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell and Seth Rogen movies top my favorite’s list. So without a doubt I’m looking forward to seeing the latest Rogen and Franco flick.
I can’t see the studio folding to the demands of the technology terrorists, but for a group to demand a movie be pulled due to the semi questionable content is just arrogant.
It’s well known that North Korea is not the country to live in if you value freedom.
With that in mind, this group of hackers should find more useful things to do with their time.
So I say to Sony, press on. Release that movie I’m sure I will get a big laugh out of.
Additionally, you may want to put tighter security on your electronic information in the future.
A company who has been pivotal in the technological boom should have had better protection such as firewalls and lots of software already installed. The thing is this isn’t the first time Sony has fallen prey to a hack. To me, Sony should have learned a thing or two from the Playstation Network debacle in 2011.

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