Bust operation nets 20 suspects

Published 7:00 am Thursday, December 25, 2014

An investigation conducted over several weeks led to the arrest of 20 people for charges involving the suspected manufacture of methamphetamine.
Pearl River County Sheriff David Allison said the initial investigation involved a total of 24 suspects, and while deputies and investigators conducted arrests, additional charges were found.
On Dec. 4 teams of law enforcement officers spread out across Pearl River County serving arrest warrants.
All of the following suspects now face conspiracy to manufacture a controlled substance charge; Joy Lazier, 39, of 1 Varnado Lane; Dorothy Moore, 30, of 232 Carey Byrd Road; Joseph Faye, 24, of 232 Carey Byrd Road; Theresa Rouse, 41, of 56 Rouse Road; Warren Gonzales, 33, of 56 Rouse Road; Jody Bean, 34, of 22 Sunshine Lane; Pete Stanfield, 37, of 32 Liberty Road; Tasheena Hayden, 29, of 463 White Chapel Road; Arthur Joey Fleming, 39, of 41 Liberty Road; Jonathan Stockstill, 33, of 18207 Hwy. 607 Kiln; Alex Hutchins, 32, of 1792 Hwy. 53 South; Jennifer Cuevas, 44, of 17 Springhill Road; Jason Prestridge, 43, of 17 Springhill Road; Lajaunia Smith, 52, of 56 Bonner Lake Road; Steven Hodge, 43, of 56 Bonner Lake Road; Jeffery Regua, 36, of 209 Beaver Wood Road; Keith Oaks, 47, of 2621 Jackson Landing Road; Charlene Forte, 35, of 209 Beaverwood Road; Ronald Cuevas, 21, of 76 Burgetown Road and Summer Favre, 25, of 9 North Fork Lane.
Four suspects are still at large, including 31-year-old Leigh Ann Foster of 13 Berry Lane, 24-year-old Erica McCarthy of 39 North Fork Lane, 40-year-old Bruce Lee of 34 Shorty Burgess Road and 21-year-old Naomi Calamai of 40 Althes Dr., Allison said.
As a result of the operation additional felony charges were established against the suspects, Allison said.
The sheriff said that Fleming now faces an additional charge of possession of cocaine, Gonzales now faces s felony charge of possession of methamphetamine, Moore now faces the additional charge of possession of precursor chemicals and Faye now faces additional charges of manufacture of methamphetamine and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.
Additional suspects were identified as a result of the operation so more arrests are expected in the near future, Allison said.
The Sheriff would like to thank his investigators and deputies for their hard work in making the operation a success as they continue the fight against drugs within Pearl River County.
Allison would like to remind the county’s residents that there are outlets that can help treat drug addiction, including committing themselves to the state’s drug and alcohol program, which is free of charge.
All they have to do is stop by the Pearl River County Chancery Court office and ask about the program.

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