Thoughts on immigration reform

Published 7:00 am Saturday, November 22, 2014

Late this week President Barack Obama brought ire upon himself when he utilized his executive power to initiate immigration deferral.
His move will allow 5 million illegal immigrants a three year reprieve from being deported, especially those who have children born in the United States.
Many of these residents are here under a work visa that has since expired. Obama’s move will not allow them to receive access to federally funded health care and does not actually make them citizens, nor does it allow them a pathway to do so.
Additionally, according to news outlets, this move does not provide amnesty. It simply allows law enforcement to focus on more pressing crimes.
Still, Congress can seek to reverse his action with a bill, if it passes all of the necessary steps.
While I disagree with Obama’s action to move forward without working out an agreement with the rest of the legislative bodies, what should not be forgotten is this country was built on the sweat and hard work of immigrants from many different countries.
But there is another side to that outlook. Our country only has a limited amount of resources, and space. At some point an effective immigration policy needs to be established and enforced.
Even then, immigration will remain a problem. Just like with any other law, people who want to enter this or any other country illegally will find a way.
Obama is not the first president to issue a immigration enforcement deference, however he is the first to do it on his own without support from the rest of the government.
His brash move will make working with Republicans, and maybe even some of his fellow Democrats, that much harder moving forward.

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