Spare some time for the animal shelter

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Imagine taking in more than 50 animals that all need to be cleaned, fed and provided with a comfortable place to lay their heads.
The sheer logistics of such a task are mind-boggling.
Not only did a recent event involve the rescue of so many neglected dogs, but it shed light on their living in conditions which for some led to deterioration of their health.
Now, for at least the next two weeks, it’s the responsibility of a volunteer staff at the Pearl River County SPCA to provide food, water and most of all care to these animals.
While the food aspect of this situation is pretty much taken care of, these volunteers would greatly appreciate more hands to help with the daily work.
During my visit to the shelter on Monday I saw the great strides these hard working people put forth to remove the layers of dirt and excrement and then provide these animals with a cool dry place to rest.
It’s an ongoing task. These animals are being fed three times a day, and that means three times the clean up.
The shelter is also looking for souls kind enough to foster some of these show quality animals.
By fostering a dog it will help ease some of the burden from the hard working people at the local shelter.
That extra space could also be used to provide much needed care for another needy animal.
Fostering a dog is not for everyone. Some people may not have a house suitable for fostering an animal, but those people may be able to provide a monetary donation, or best of all, provide a time investment.
The shelter would be more than happy to take your donation of elbow grease to help clean a cage, or give these animals some food and water.
So be sure to consider donating some time, money or a space in your home to these beautiful animals.

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