Fast food getting paid more

Published 7:00 am Saturday, October 25, 2014

Minimum wage hikes have been a topic of conversation recently.
Unions are running with the idea that $15 an hour should be the minimum wage.
There are several problems with this idea.
First, in order for employers to pay that much in minimum wage, they must increase the prices of goods they offer.
In turn such a move would negate any increase in pay those workers would receive. Sure you’re making more money, but now you have to pay more for what you want.
Secondly there are many people who have put forth the effort to earn a college degree that don’t make $15 an hour.
Should they get a bump in their entry-level pay too?
Additionally, a number of skilled professionals start out close to or just more than that much per hour for their entry-level positions.
Such skilled labor includes carpenters, electricians and welders.
They had to undergo at least some sort of formal training and certification to receive those jobs.
While most people began their working career in a minimum wage job, the aim is to attract the untrained and young.
The job field works in that once experience and education are gained the employee’s rate of pay increases. Anyone seeking additional pay should put forth the extra effort to earn it, not wait for it to be handed to them.
Did you know our police officers and firefighters start their career making less than what unions are proposing in this instance?
And those men and women have to undergo weeks of training before they can head out on to our streets to protect and serve the community.
A raise in the amount paid to minimum wage workers is inevitable, but a jump from $7.25 an hour to more than double that, is ridiculous.

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