Experience is a valuable teacher at Highland

Published 7:00 am Thursday, October 30, 2014

For some the thought of surgery can be disturbing, whether you’re the person being operated on, or possibly a spectator.
But not for a group of Pearl River Central High School students considering a career in the healthcare field.
Wednesday several students from the high school took a trip to Highland Community Hospital where they got to conduct a mock surgery on…. a pumpkin.
Sure, this is the kind of surgery most people do in their kitchens at least once a year, but such a thing is not commonplace in a surgery room.
But, the aim was not to create a scary looking jack-o-lantern; instead the goal was to introduce these students to a small portion of what they can expect should they decide to pursue their current dream. The exercise involved the students dressing up in the typical gear for a surgery procedure, including masks, gowns and gloves.
And while the surgery was not life saving or particularly difficult, it did give the students a first hand account of what is involved when a patient needs major medical care.
If there’s one thing about growing up, many people don’t really know what they want to do for a living until they have a bit of experience under their belt.
Many high school students have goals and dreams for their adulthood. But those goals can change when they take on their first summer job, or walk in to the classroom of their first college course.
There’s no better experience than hands-on training. It’s easy to try to tell someone what a profession is like in a classroom setting. But when they experience a day for themselves, students really get a grasp of the profession.
The Item supports Highland’s efforts to show possible health care professionals what they can expect if they decide to pursue their goals.

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