Ebola fears subsiding

Published 11:20 am Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What many have feared has not taken place so far, and that’s a very good thing.
For many weeks Ebola has dominated the headlines in every possible news source in the country. From television, to newspapers and even online, the virus that began in Africa and recently found in the United States seems to be being brought under control.
When the news broke about a patient being admitted to a Dallas, Texas hospital many feared the worst; that it could possibly be brought to Pearl River County.
After that, two nurses in Dallas ultimately were diagnosed with the same virus, allegedly contracted from the initial patient.
Most recently Poplarville School District parents expressed concern about a school district bus driver traveling overseas to Africa, even though he was said to not be visiting any area where the virus was prevalent.
It’s understandable the fear that such an outbreak generates. Communicable diseases, especially those with such a high mortality rate, should be treated with extreme caution.
But fortunately things seem to be winding down. There have been no new cases from the 43 people who either cared for or came in contact with the Dallas patient.
Another patient, a freelance cameraman who contracted the virus in Liberia and receiving care in Nebraska, has been cleared of the virus.
What adds to that sense of security is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates a vaccine will be ready to administer to people in Africa by the first of the new year.
Maybe one day mankind can find a way to eliminate the virus through vaccination, much like vaccinations have made polio a rarity today.
That is until the next deadly virus, disease or bacteria is found.

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