Animal cruelty

Published 7:00 am Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pets are great companionship when they are cared for properly and given a good home.
However, sometimes people take pet ownership too far, and take on more than they can handle.
Friday, more than 50 dogs were found at a home on East Canal Street in Picayune. Investigation into the find found that the occupant was holding the dogs in sheds with no air conditioning or ventilation. Most of which were kept in cages, forced to stand or lie in their own feces and urine.
The smell around the home was so strong it fouled the nostrils from the roadside.
It’s hard to think how a person would want to keep so many animals that they could not possibly care for them properly.
As a pet owner, I find myself inundated with the responsibilities of two cats and five fish. The thing is, I know cats and fish are pretty low maintenance pets. Especially when the responsibility is compared to the care of 50 animals.
I immediately decline each time another animal is offered to my care, but I feel bad every time I do it.
But I decline because I know my limits. There’s no way I could afford any more money, or time to invest in the care of more animals.
But there are people out there that cannot differentiate between the number of pets they can care for, and when there are too many.
The biggest problem with this case deals with the current animal cruelty laws in Mississippi. Currently state law allows for only one charge per instance of animal abuse, no matter how many animals are involved. This keeps the hands of law enforcement tied.
Not only will this suspect only be charged with misdemeanor offenses, she will more than likely come to own multiple dogs once again.
As a state we need to move towards stricter laws that protect the well being of those who can’t protect themselves.

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