Search warrants net drug arrests

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A community tip and the serving of a search warrant led to the arrest of several suspects in two separate cases for the possession of methamphetamine.

Pearl River County Sheriff David Allison said the first case took place on Aug. 13, when narcotics investigators received an anonymous tip that 37-year-old Neil P. Archer and 46-year-old Gary W. Thompson both of 119 Gumpond Beal Rd., Lumberton and 30-year-old Emily A. Burge of 623 Lovell Ladner Rd., Lumberton were allegedly riding around the Hillsdale area selling and using methamphetamine, Allison said.

Investigation into the complaint brought the detectives to the home located at 119 Gumpond Beal Rd. where they came into contact with Burge and Archer as they were arriving at the residence, Allison said.

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During a search of the vehicle the investigators found several bags of a substance believed to be methamphetamine along with oxycontin pills and a number of paraphernalia, Allison said. Those discoveries led to a search of the home, where investigators found more of a substance suspected to be methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, Allison said.

Thompson was not with the suspects at the time of the search, but the investigators found evidence that Thompson lives at that residence and was involved in the sale and use of the drugs, Allison said.

Archer and Burge were charged with possession of a controlled substance, Allison said.

Thompson is currently wanted by the Sheriff’s Department for the controlled substance violations found during the search. Allison asks anyone with information on his whereabouts to call 601-795-3052.

On Aug. 14, narcotics investigators serving a search warrant at 102 Margaret St. in Nicholson found two residents identified as 43-year-old Jody L. Bray and 43-year-old Amos W. Earnest, outside the home, Allison said.

As officers searched the home they came into contact with 21-year-old Brandi Bennett of 1905 Johnny K. St., in the living room. The search found a baggy containing a white powder substance determined to be methamphetamine sitting on a table in plain view near the front door, Allison said. 

A number of similar baggies with the same substance were found in the search, along with trash consistent with the manufacture of methamphetamine in and around the outside of the residence.

Bray and Earnest were charged with possession of a controlled substance and manufacture of a controlled substance, Bennett was charged with possession of a controlled substance, Allison said.

According to a previous story in the Item, Earnest and Bray were arrested on May 6 of this year for the charge of manufacture of a controlled substance when a search warrant discovered active methamphetamine labs at the same address. They were also charged with conspiracy to manufacture a controlled substance, possession of precursor chemicals, generation of hazardous waste and possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute on that date.