Remembering our historical heroes

Published 7:00 am Saturday, September 27, 2014

This past week the Poplarville Historical Preservation Society held the grand opening of their history museum.
The first exhibit was a tribute to local military heroes beginning with World War I through current conflicts.
It is important for younger generations to remember the men and women who gave their lives so we could enjoy the freedoms we have today.
The World War II generation is almost gone now and with them goes the stories and memories of an important era in our nation’s history.
That’s why a historical museum is so valuable to a community.
The preservation of memoirs, artifacts and photographs is key to keeping the legacy of previous generations alive.
The museum is home to vintage records that captured the emotions of a war torn country during World War II.
The museum featured many classic tunes including “I’ll be Seeing You,” “As Time Goes By,” and the vocal talents of the Andrew Sisters.
Also on display are war medals, rations stamps and uniforms that reflect the events of each war era.
Younger generations can view this display and realize all the sacrifices these men and women made for their country.
We salute not only the men and women who served our country’s military but also the men and women of the Poplarville Historical Preservation Society who are working diligently to ensure that the past is not forgotten.
In the near future, the theme at the museum will change to focus on the local history of Poplarville and its people, organizations and buildings.
A visit to this museum may inspire a young person to research their own history, become a history teacher or to be grateful for the rich heritage that contributed to the development of their community, nation and family.

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