Keep in mind hurricane preparations

Published 7:00 am Thursday, September 25, 2014

Monday was the official start of fall, and with the new season comes some cooler weather and eventually an end to the hurricane season.

But keep in mind that the end of the hurricane season is still two months out; it does not officially end until Nov. 30.

Fortunately the season has been relatively slow so far.

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There have been five named storms in the Atlantic, which is where hurricanes that could potentially enter the Gulf of Mexico typically form.

So far none have posed a serious threat to the Gulf Coast region, much less reached category 5.

But the National Hurricane Center states that this season is three storms behind other historic seasons.

So while it seems we are in the middle of an apparent slow season, there is still time for things to ramp up. But let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

With any luck we can finish out this season with some nice cool weather, no major storms coming ashore anywhere, much less Mississippi, and move into the holiday season leaving an uneventful storm season behind us.

But, on the off chance things do ramp up, don’t forget to have a few things on hand.

Water, food and ice are all commodities in short supply in the wake of a major storm. While bottled water and canned food keep well for months and years, ice would be harder to keep on hand. But if you have a large freezer it might be a good idea to add a couple extra bags.

When going to the grocery store you may want to add a couple extra canned goods to the cart, and possibly a gallon of water or two. This stock will add up as the end of the season approaches. Canned food can last between two to five years, if kept in a cool dry place.

So let’s enjoy the cool weather, but keep in mind there is still some time left in the hurricane season.