Young business owners: Taking world by storm

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Entrepreneurs are starting out younger and younger these days. 

Poplarville’s own Jessica Theriot is a mere 20-years-old and already has a little business of her own. lists about ten youngsters who capitalized on their business savvies. 

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Fourteen-year-old Hart Main invented manly scented candles. The scents include: campfire, bacon and sawdust. ManCans candles are in more than 60 stores. 

Fifteen-year-old Catherine Cook launched Cook said she thought it would be a good idea to build a social media website built around an online version of a person’s yearbook. 

In a USA Today article, the author stated that a January Gallop poll showed 43 percent of students in grades five through 12 want to be entrepreneurs. 

Sixty percent of students say their schools has classes on how to start a business. 

This is great news. 

These children show initiative and a desire not only to work, but to create and execute their own visions. 

There are some young adults these days that are not easily roused from their latest video game, smart phone or other activites besides working.

Most fast-food restaurants and retail stores nowadays employ teenagers. 

Yes, it’s nice to see them working and developing some sort of work ethic. 

But, some of the younger employees are rude, uninformed, flippant and have no desire to make sure customers received a friendly experience in their establishment. 

It’s disheartening to think these young people  are the future business leaders of America. 

For this minor part of the workforce, their only desire is to grab that paycheck whether it honestly earned or not. 

Its refreshing to see young people be creative, start up businesses and succeed. 

We here at the Picayune Item salute young entrepreneurs and wish Theriot luck with her future business endeavors.