The city of Picayune is moving forward

Published 7:00 am Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tuesday Picayune’s City Council approved a motion to allow beer and light wine to be sold at the green space on Goodyear Boulevard, but only during special occasions.

Given the fact that the amendment to the city’s open container ordinance only applies to special events should serve to alleviate the majority of concerns from the vocal opposition.

Sure, there are schools and churches near the green space, now named Crosby Commons, but children will not be crossing the street after school to purchase beer and light wine, nor will church goers.

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“Special events” means just that, during unique occasions and with city approval.

We at the Item are confident restrictions will be placed on the approval of any such event.  

The city would never approve those sales during school hours, and most likely not on Sundays.

Picayune is moving forward, and like many other communities that allow the sale of adult beverages at special events, this change will bring in tourism dollars.

This will allow events that feature music, or some other form of entertainment to cater to responsible adults who choose to enjoy a beer while doing so.

For those who choose not to drink, there is of course the option of not purchasing one.

Poplarville, which just this year just approved the sale of beer and light wine within their city limits, also approved a similar ordinance to allow the sale of beer and light wine at special events. 

Each city has, or will, enact restrictions that keep boundaries on where those drinks can be purchased and consumed.

And security will be in place to ensure participants don’t get carried away with their enjoyment of the festivities.

We commend the city council for looking to the future, and helping to move this city, and county, forward.