Bridgeway “seals” find their independence

Published 7:00 am Saturday, August 23, 2014

This week we interviewed the staff and residents of Picayune’s Bridgeway Apartments.

This facility is an assisted living complex for intellectually and developmentally challenged adults. 

Many people living in Pearl River County probably do not know such a wonderful place exists. 

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The staff at Bridgeway are warm, friendly and very helpful to the residents they care for. 

The adults in their care maintain and live in their own apartments and also work part-time jobs in the community. 

The residents appear happy, comfortable and most of all proud of the opportunity to live an independent life. 

Without the existence of Bridgeway, many of these adults might still live as dependents with their families, or in a less independent facility. 

At Bridgeway, residents are allowed to grow and learn how to live like any non-challenged person. 

Through no fault of their own, they were born with their disabilities; of which the majority of the population is blessed to not have. 

Why should they be considered different from anyone else?

They should be allowed to work, pay their own bills, find a girlfriend or boyfriend, make friends with community members and enjoy their life. 

The challenged just need a little more help. 

With the proper guidance, these residents have become the superstars they were meant to be. 

They speak with great pride about their accomplishments, jobs, friends, loved ones and most importantly the staff. 

The Picayune Item would like to salute the staff of the Bridgeway Apartments. 

It is an amazing gift that you bring to your residents.

Because of you, they are allowed to shine, grow, laugh, love and live a productive and independent life.