A walk on the wild side

Published 7:00 am Saturday, August 2, 2014

While I live near the city of Picayune, my home also sits next to a heavily wooded area.

That means any number of wild animals are wandering through my yard at any given moment, typically when I’m not in my yard.

However I have come across one or two creatures I was able to photograph.

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You may have seen their pictures in the Item from time to time.

I have taken pictures of snakes, bees, a bat, several turtles and a few lizards.

One animal I have always wanted to capture an image of was an owl. I have heard their calls many times around my home when night falls.

They are not easy creatures to capture with a camera. Primarily, they tend to be nocturnal in nature.

Thursday I got to take a picture of an owl, albeit one that was injured.

This was because the local SPCA took time out of their day to capture the poor injured adolescent owl, which I suspect fell from its nest or a tree.

The shelter staff noticed it had immature feathers along its head and neck, which is why I suspect it fell from a nest.

Owls are interesting birds.

They operate mostly at night, are capable of seeing in the lowest of light, and, this is my favorite part, they eat rodents.

Nasty, chewing, nesting little things.

I am not fond of rats and mice.

They tear up the insulation underneath my house.

For the most part I practice a live and let live attitude with the wildlife around my home. But I don’t feel the least bit bad about mice and rats being eaten by owls.

Here’s hoping the owl that was rescued will be released and decide to fly back to Pearl River County, and possibly make a nest near my home.