July cold front was a record breaker

Published 7:00 am Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wednesday morning Pearl River County residents stepped out of their house to a smidgen of cooler weather.

This weather is, of course, cooler only in comparison to typical temperatures this time of year.

But any morning you can step out during the end of July to temperatures in the 60s is a welcome change to temperatures reaching the 80s. That morning was actually a record breaker, local news outlets report.

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Everyone can thank the cold front that passed through this week for that.

It would be great if the cold front would stick around for a while, but it will move on, leaving us with more warm weather until the either the end of the summer, or the next cool front comes through.

Forecasts show that for the next week at least, temperatures in the morning will hover around the high 60s and low 70s.

However, as the day progresses temperatures will head to the low 90s.

While there is no rain forecast for the next couple of days, the weekend is expected to be a bit wet, which will continue throughout the following week.

So far this summer we have been fortunate, with relatively mild temperatures never reaching 100 degrees. Additionally, there have been no tropical storms to enter the Gulf of Mexico.

However, there is a low-pressure system brewing off of the coast of South America. Forecast outlets show models that project potential paths close to our area.

However, the models also only give the system a 50 percent chance of becoming anything of note.

The thing is these models are based off of historical information, which is in no way an indication of where it will actually make landfall, or if it will become a threat.

We hope all residents of Pearl River County have prepared for the worst, but most of all we hope there is no need to make use of those preparations during this or any hurricane season.