Notice will get debris removed quickly

Published 7:00 am Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Public Works Department is rectifying a number of issues around the city of Picayune, but asks residents to alert them when issues pop up or when they put items at the roadside.

Recently, used tires were picked up along the sides of city streets, asphalt cutouts addressed road issues and storm drains received temporary fixes until permanent replacements are available.

While Public Works Director Eric Morris is issuing work orders as soon as those issues are brought to his attention, he asks city residents to call his office when they intend to set items by the roadside for collection.

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In addition to those other projects, a number of light poles along Goodyear Boulevard are slated for replacement, and Morris hopes to be able to repurpose five damaged light poles. All of the light poles along the boulevard from the intersections of Main to Quince Streets will be replaced, Morris said.

While damaged storm drains along Main Street and Bruce Street have received temporary fixes, the city intends to replace them soon.

Asphalt cutouts are being employed to address base failures and sewage leaks.

When residents plan to set piles of debris or unwanted materials at the roadside for collection, Morris asks that they call the city to alert them the pile is there. This will allow the city to collect the items in a timely manner. After the call is made the department will fill out a work order and the pile will be collected.

“We really appreciate them calling instead of just leaving it on the side of the road,” Morris said.

The city has the capability to collect yard debris like branches and used tires, although each type of item must be placed in separate piles, Morris said. White goods, which includes appliances, and scrap metal can also be set at the roadside for collection.

While completing work orders city employees usually pick up other piles they see along the way, so long as that material they are collecting is similar to the work order. However, they will attempt to avoid delays in completing work orders that have already been issued.

“So you can see it’s kind of a catch 22 kind of thing,” Morris said.

Currently the city is developing a flyer they can provide to residents when they collect piles. The flyers will provide information on the proper numbers to call and where piles of debris can be properly placed, Morris said.

The city has a knuckle boon truck capable of collecting the debris and the city’s contact with Progressive Waste includes debris pickup. Progressive Waste collects debris on Thursdays, while the city conducts pickups during the remaining weekdays.

Used tires can be taken to the county barn in Millard if residents don’t want to leave them at the side of the road, however the county barn on Palestine Road no longer accepts them, Morris said.