Interest in STEM fields being built by programs

Published 4:18 pm Saturday, June 21, 2014

Over the past week several young people participated in a Science Camp, where they got the chance to learn about rockets or build an underwater robot, depending on their age.

Creating interest in the minds of children concerning the fi elds of Science Technology Engineering and Math is essential to the future success of this nation. Other nations are excelling in those fields while there has been a decline within the United States in the past.  Without a growth in interest, Americans will not be filling employment positions in those fields.

This is where the drive to instill interest in STEM related fields comes in. Locally, the high

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school robotics team has shed light on the need for more engineers, scientists and math and technological          professionals. So far, that work is making great strides. It has expanded to the younger groups through the Lego leagues and even offerings such as the Science Camp.

During the camp older kids were tasked with not just building a robot from a uniform kit.

Instead, the kit allowed them to design, engineer and construct their own robot. Parts were provided, but the kids were allowed to think for themselves as they cut pvc pipe to form a frame, wired the motor to an electrical source and also soldered connections inside the controller.

Hands-on training is a great way to learn. These camps and other opportunities present children with learning opportunities unavailable in a classroom setting that uses only textbooks.

It’s a good thing our nation has recognized a need to help develop and encourage interest in these fields. Not only will it ensure America maintains a presence in the growing STEM fields, but the opportunities can lead to providing our nation’s children with high paying jobs after acquiring a degree from the college of their choice.