Find ways to beat the heat

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, June 10, 2014

There is one thing about summer in South Mississippi most long time residents can say…it’s hot! With temperatures ranging from the low 80s to the triple digits, you never know from day to day just how much heat to expect.

Summer should be an exciting time — and is for most people — school is out, there are creeks to cool off in, picnics to be had, and it’s just a short ride to the beach. Summer is a time for rest and relaxation, water sports, and lots of swim time. There is just one little problem — it’s just too darn hot!

When I was a youngster growing up on Lee Hill, I didn’t notice how hot it was during the summer. I spent my days, climbing trees, looking for fossils, and I even mowed the yard once or twice. I could stay out all day, exploring the clay hills, digging for hidden treasure (though I never found any), and staring at the cotton ball clouds floating in a bright blue summer sky.

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Now that I am older, the “spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak”. I simply cannot take the heat of a Mississippi summer. I much prefer winter because you can always cover up and get warm, but in summer you cannot always uncover and get cool. Just a few minutes under the summer sun and I am ready to retreat to the comfort of indoors and the cool breeze of my air conditioner.

This intolerance keeps me from enjoying all the summer fun others revel in. No picnics, no water sports, and no swimming.

I have to admit, I do miss climbing trees, looking for fossils, and staring at the clouds.

Maybe it is my youth I miss, instead of youth’s activities? Maybe what I miss it’s the ability to do those things I used to love?  Either way, I still have memories of what it was like as a child having fun during the hot Mississippi summers. My memories were worth braving the heat.

My memories were worth braving the heat. Enjoy the summer while making your own memories.