Video game console prices reflect the options available

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The new generation of home video gaming has been on the market for several months now.

There are three major players in this market, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Before deciding which one to buy, think about how you plan to use the device. Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s Playstation 4 both offer entertainment options outside of playing video games, such as the ability to use video streaming applications such as Netflix and the option of playing DVDs and Bluray disks. While Nintendo’s Wii U offers the ability to play movies via Netflix, it does not play DVDs or Blurays.

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But consoles are purchased to play games. The problem here is the generation is just starting out, so the selection is scant at best.

All three options offer beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay, but the Xbox One and PS4 outpace the Wii U in the visual arena.

To being the process, you should consider the price. Currently the Xbox One is the priciest option if you want the Kinect add-on, which adds motion sensing gameplay abilities. With the add-on the console will run about $500, without it you can deduct $100 from the price tag.

The PS4 comes in one option for $400, while the Wii U is priced at about $300.

With each option you get what you pay for. While the Wii U is cheaper, is has fewer options.

Also consider the kinds of games you, or your child, will be playing with this device. Will they be light hearted or more challenging games?

For the lighthearted gamer the Wii U is the wise choice. It offers many multiplayer games suited for social gatherings.

If more challenging adult oriented games are your speed, then consider the Xbox One or PS4 as viable options.

The point is, do a little research and choose your console wisely. You have time before the blockbuster titles are released.