Recycling programs show promise for the future

Published 7:00 am Thursday, May 29, 2014

Recycling programs are an important way for communities to reduce the number of items that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Everyday, Americans throw out large quantities of containers, most of which can be recycled, including plastic bottles, glass jars, aluminum cans and cardboard boxes.

Last year, the city of Picayune expanded their recycling program to include curbside service. The program began with two drop off locations, the city barn and a large bin located off of U.S. 11. The success of the initial program led to the ability to put recyclables out with the trash.

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Now, Poplarville is starting a recycling program. While their program is similar to Picayune’s initial version, it is the first step towards curbside service.

The positive aspect of using bins is that residents who live outside the city limits can recycle their items.

When Picayune changed to curbside service, it left county residents without a means to recycle their items.

This gap in service could be solved in one of two ways, countywide recycling or bins in the municipalities. The board of supervisors could develop a cost effective, maybe even revenue generating, way to allow county residents to recycle their trash. Or Picayune and Poplarville could add or keep bins respectively.

Pearl River County has a landfill, but eventually it will no longer be able to accept any more trash.

One day, all landfills will reach capacity, the country’s resources will dwindle and humankind will need a sustainable avenue to ensure our daily needs can be met, without producing more waste.

But we think this county, and country, may be on the right track, so long as recycling programs continue and evolve as the technology advances.