eBay warns users to change their passwords

Published 12:33 pm Saturday, May 24, 2014

Do you have an eBay account? I do. Did you know that account information for about 140 million users was stolen in a recent hack? I didn’t until Friday when it was reported in the news.

In spite of the complaints I’ve heard about this online service, I have had a mostly positive experience.

Ninety-nine percent of the time the product I ordered came in the mail on-time and was what I wanted.

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While I have a mostly positive review, Friday the company issued a statement that their records have been hacked, and while they are encrypted, they are advising anyone with an account to change their passwords.

As a bit of good news, their customer’s financial information was not compromised.

However, eBay suggests that if users used the same password for another online account, to change that password as well.

I could be upset about such a breach of security, but I am more upset that I didn’t get an email from the company advising me of the breech. Instead, I read it in the news.

I don’t expect anything free from the company in response to this incident, but a heads up would have been appreciated.

Fortunately, I didn’t use the same password for any other online account; that would be foolish.

My point here is that as technology becomes more and more a part of everyday life, when will I lose control of my privacy?

I don’t think this is the start of an end of the world scenario, since I expect things will turn out okay, but it does make me think about how my constant use of the Internet and its services leaves my financial information at the mercy of online security.

So far, it has worked out. I just hope that trend continues.