Television as a form of escape

Published 7:00 am Saturday, March 15, 2014

Not so long ago there were only a handful of television channels available, offering a limited number of programs. Today more options are available than one human being can possibly consume.

Along with the sheer number of channels available are the variety of choices deemed “reality” programming.

One of the reasons reality shows are popular is because people love watching other people.

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Watching different personalities interact, especially when family is involved, can be immensely entertaining. Everyone has either seen or heard about the popular reality show featuring a family that makes duck calls.

Their antics are relatable to the southern demographic because they have strong family ties, like to hunt and express their faith openly.

Reality programs also include shows that feature those who compete for a recording contract, travel the country looking for antiques or manage retail shops that offer historical oddities.

Not everyone watches reality shows, however. Some people would rather watch documentaries, which should be classified as true reality television. Other people may watch movies that feature deep storylines, character development or slap stick antics. A movie combining all three would be my favorite.

No matter what people watch, they do it to escape the hectic pace of their daily lives, to laugh at the misfortune of others, to feel pride in other’s accomplishments, or to just be entertained.

In the end it is of little concern why people watch television, so long as enjoyment is achieved.

If the show currently playing is of marginal interest, keep clicking through those channels. Alternately a person could get up off the couch to ride a bike, go for a walk or just sit outside on the porch. Maybe I will do that, right after I finish watching this show.