South Mississippi weather

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Southern spring weather fluctuates from cold to hot from one day to the next.

These last few days are a prime example. Over the weekend the county was under the threat of severe weather, which fortunately did not occur.

Instead, Saturday was dreary and just a little rainy but rather warm.

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Sunday started out with a tornado watch, rain and thunder before noon, then was sunny long enough to provide another warm day. It was even warm enough for mosquitos to venture out from their hiding spots.

Monday, and it’s chilly outside again, dreary. At least the mosquitos are back in hiding.

Is it any wonder people get sick during this time of year? When the weather warms up plants to produce pollen, affecting sensitive sinuses. Allergies can wreak havoc with your enjoyment of springtime.

It is said the weather affects more than just the state of sinuses. Many people say their joints ache just before it rains while others say the weather can trigger a migraine.

What is certain is there is no controlling the weather. All we can do is prepare and react accordingly. When it’s cold, grab a jacket. When it’s warm, crank the air conditioning.

This week’s forecast predicts warmer weather as the days pass. Lows will be in the 50s with highs in the 70s. Again, that forecast is no guarantee.

For another month or so the temperature will continue to fluctuate until the heat ramps up in the coming summer months. And as is always the case, by the end of September the cooler days of fall will be welcome once again, for a while at least.